Budapest Art Fair 2009

NOVEMBER 19-22TH  2009

"Várfok Gallery celebrating next year its 20th anniversary will welcome the visitors of Budapest Art Fair at its stand presenting specialities as it has been the case in the past years. One of its most outstanding innovations is the presence of Spiritusz Gallery, its so-called „ante-room” in its near proximity. Representatives of the youngest artist generation will appear at the stand of the Gallery functionning since 2007. Between the two separated stands of the Galleries an independant stand will present the works of Endre Rozsda, so commemorating the eminent artist disappeared in 1999.

Várfok Gallery –  Stand nr. 13

Artists represented (2009): aatoth franyo, Zsuzsi Csiszér, László feLugossy, Françoise Gilot, László Győrffy, Martin C. Herbst, Levente Herman, El Kazovszkij, Mulasics László, István Nádler, Ray Monde, Sándor Rácmolnár, Endre Rozsda, János Szirtes, László Szotyory, Péter Ujházi, Róbert Várady, Sebastian Weissenbacher.

Martin C. Herbst Austrian artist’s hypnotic portraits and spheres - made on a special aluminium base - will this year also be presented at the stand of Várfok Gallery. Herbst, succeeding better and better on the international art market scene, extends his works in space by illuminating them and so solubilizing the limits of the artworks. Are reinforcing the international front-line the paintings of Austrian painter Sebastian Weissenbacher dissolving kitsch with irony, the sensual works of Ray Monde or the red-based frivolous works of Hungarian originated aatoth franyo living now in Paris. Belong to Várfok Gallery’s artist circle eminent Hungarian contemporary painters such as László Mulasics, Péter Ujházi, János Szirtes, László feLugossy, El Kazovszkij, who be will represented at the Fair through their works. The sometimes astounding paintings of younger generation’s representatives – Zsuzsi Csiszér, Levente Herman and László Győrffy – will not be missing either from the Fair. Parallel to the Budapest Art Fair, the exhibition halls of Várfok Gallery will present the exhibition of István Nádler in XO Hall and Françoise Gilot in Várfok Hall until November 21st 2009.

Independant stand presenting the art of Endre Rozsda (between Várfok Gallery’s (13.) and Spiritusz Gallery’s (14.) stands)

Endre Rozsda, one of the founding members of the European School, one of the first Hungarian Surrealists, friend once with André Breton, mentor of Françoise Gilot, passed away in 1999 in Paris. Várfok Gallery, to commemorate worthily the artist laureated with Copley Award and the officer title of the „Arts et des Lettres” price, has organised this year a large series of exhibition in the occasion of the tenth anniversary of his death. After the exhibitions at the French Institute of Budapest and the Budapest Gallery having joined the series, an exhibition at Pécs was presented, followed by two parallel solo shows in Paris. One of the last important stations of this series is the independant stand presenting works of Endre Rozsda at the Budapest Art Fair. Is to join this event the projection of the portrait film on Endre Rozsda (see the attached document for details).

Spiritusz Gallery – Stand nr.14

Artists represented: Alma Abonyi, Péter Appelshoffer, Andreas Berde, Sara Berti, Zhenia Bozukova, Fatime Fabók-Dobribán, Viola Fátyol, Enikő Hangay, Réka Kaszás, József Keresztes Nagy, Tamás Komlovszky-Szvet, Kores, Eszter Laki, Éva Ágnes Molnár, Levente Molnár, Benjamin Nagy, Zoltán Sándor Nagy, Marcell Németh, Orsi Szemethy, Szilvi Tóth, Kata Töttös, Zsuzsa Trieb

This year Spiritusz Gallery participates for the first time at the Budapest Art Fair with a separate stand in proximity to Várfok Gallery’s. The young artists - at the beginning of their carrier - will be represented by their fresh, dynamic works in several genres. Besides paintings and photographs, this year Spiritusz Gallery puts a stronger emphasis on its sculptor-talents. Along with Tamás Komlovszky-Szvet’s illusionistic sculptures, Alma Abonyi’s imposing statues and Marcell Németh’s low-relieves represent a daring trend of the contemporary art, while Sara Berti, Levente Molnár and Zoltán Sándor Nagy can be interesting for the lovers of the more classical sculpture genre.
Besides the painters and graphic artists already having participated to the exhibition series called "TáblaTologatóTárlatok" at Spiritusz Gallery (Péter Appelshoffer, Andreas Berde, Fatime Fabók-Dobribán, Réka Kaszás, Kores, Orsi Szemethy, Zsuzsa Trieb), the two newest painters of the Gallery will be also represented at the Fair: Benjamin Nagy, winner of Amadeus-scolarship in 2009 and the Bulgarian Zhenia Bozukova. Furthermore the photographs of Enikő Hangay, Szilvi Tóth and Viola Fátyol, which were already successfully shown at ArtVilnius’09 will be also exhibited in Budapest.

Joint open programmes:

Besides the art pieces exhibited at the stand, Várfok Gallery would like to enrich the experience of the Fair’s visitors with different programmes:  that is two film projections, as part of the official programme of the Budapest Art Fair. The premiere of the film - the newest portrait film presenting István Nádler’s art -  entitled Transcendere - István Nádler artist of  gesture, directed by József Böjte will be projected on Thursday November 19th 2009 at 5 p.m. in the Art Hall’s Auditorium. On the event the director, József Böjte and the artist, István Nádler will be also present to delineate the conception of the film.
On Friday November 20th 2009 - second day of the Art Fair - at 5 p.m. will take place the next film projection of Várfok Gallery. The visitors can then watch Böjte’s other fulm in the Auditorium, entitled The dean of Surrealism - Endre Rozsda, which was already displayed this spring for the first time by Várfok Gallery, in occasion of the Endre Rozsda exhibiton series. The film consists of different conversations with Endre Rozsda and his friends, such as Françoise Gilot, and due to these a new side of this great painter can be disclosed.
Those, who can’t assist these first projections have the opportunity to watch the films an other time, both on one day.  The film about István Nádler on Sunday November 22nd 2009 at 3 p.m., and the film about Endre Rozsda on November 22nd 2009 at 16 o’clock will be reprojected in the Art Hall’s Auditorium.

Dates of the projections:

I) Transcendere - István Nádler artist of gesture (My contemporaries I-III.)
Operator: Nyika Jancsó; Miklós Gurbán; József Böjte
Director: József Böjte. Production of Kreatív Média Műhely, 2009.
56 minutes.
Location of projection: Art Hall (Műcsarnok), Auditorium
Date: 19.11.2009., 5 p.m.
The film will be projected again on November 22nd 2009, Sunday, at 3 p.m.
II) The dean of Surrealism - Endre Rozsda / Film projection for the commemoration of the artist, died 10 years ago
Operator: Nyika Jancsó; István Kozma
Director: József Böjte. Production of Kreatív Média Műhely,1998-2009.
54 minutes
Location of projection: Art Hall (Műcsarnok), Auditorium
Date: 19.11.2009., 5 p.m.
The film will be projected again on November 22nd 2009, Sunday, at 4 p.m."


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