Csiszér and Győrffy in Galerie Keller in Paris - 2008

"Várfok Galéria celebrates its 18th anniversary this year. This anniversary also entails other events, such as István Nádler’s 70th birthday or the 10th anniversary of Várfok Galéria’s international débit at the 1998 Paris FIAC. 
Simultaneously with the Budapest anniversary exhibition series, Várfok Galéria will be present in Berlin’s Spring exhibition at Berlin’s Institute of Hungarian Culture, and in Paris, five artists of Várfok Gallery will have their debut in a three-months exhibition series in two different locations.
One of the exhibition sites is Gallery Keller by the Bastille. Owing to its collaboration with Várfok Galéria Zsuzsi Csiszér, László Győrffy and István Nádler will be introduced in the exhibition halls of the Parisian gallery, while in Budapest, simultaneously, two artists of Galeria Keller will be featured from May 29 at the two exhibition halls of Várfok Galéria.  In mid May, the most recent paintings of Csiszér and Győrffy will be introduced at the exhibition Traversée Interne. Following this, István Nádler’s creations of the recent past will be introduced to the Parisian public from mid june to the end of july. 
The introduction of Hungarian artist does not end yet, since simultaneously with Galerie Keller, the Parisian Institute of Hungarian Culture will receive the group exhibition of three artists. On may 14 Zsuzsi Csiszér’s and László Győrffy’s works will be featured, and their guest artist will be Jacques Flechemuller. Next time, Levente Herman, the most recent member of Várfok Galéria will be featured with Ray Monde, their invited guest is  Mathias Schauwecker. On the occassion of the second exhibition the works address themes of human existence, birth and future, while the first exhibition centers on the question of humans’ relationship to their environment and their internal world. During the exhibitions several important cultural events will bring color to the summer (Museum Night, Music Festival), so the exhibitions will be scheduled at a culturally bustling period.  You can read further information about the exhibitions on the following pages Várfok Galéria (www.varfok-galeria.hu), Paris Hungarian Institute (www.instituthongrois.fr), Galerie Keller (www.galerie-keller.com).

The artists of the Várfok Gallery: Zsuzsi Csiszér, László Győrffy and their french guest Jacques Flechemuller.
Parisian Institute of Hungarian Culture, 14.05.2008 -  14.06.2008  

Zsuzsi Csiszér, László Győrffy: Traversée Interne 
Galerie Keller, 15.05.2008 -  14.06.2008  

István Nádler – New Works
Galerie Keller, 17.06.2008 -  26.07.2008  

The artists of the Várfok Gallery: Levente Herman, Ray Monde and their french guest Mathias Schauwecker
Parisian Institute of Hungarian Culture, 14.05.2008 -  14.06.2008" 

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