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In Movement - Spiritusz Gallery in full fling!

Spiritusz Gallery, functionning since 2007 as a gathering place for young talents, is moving to a new exhibition space conceived with a pure interior design. The filiale of the well-known Várfok Gallery will continue its work in the first district of Budapest, in the close neighbourhood of the „mother institution". Moreover, it will move to the former Várfok Hall in Várfok street, to achieve a concentrated cooperation and to level it up. Várfok Gallery Group (Várfok Gallery, Spiritusz Gallery and Gallery19) are to be found from now on in one single street.
The idea of this „evolution" has initiated the concept of the next group exhibition of Spiritusz Gallery (the opening exhibition) entitled „In Movement", revealing the dissimilar viewpoints and mixed media of our artists - painters, photographers and sculptors - who now all have reflected in their works to the theme of „movement".
Each of the artists of Spiritusz Gallery's circle - Alma ABONYI, Péter APPELSHOFFER, Vivienne BALLA, Fatime FABÓK-DOBRIBÁN, Viola FÁTYOL, Enikő HANGAY, Réka JAHODA, Réka KASZÁS, Tamás KOMLOVSZKY-SZVET, Hella MAYER, Orsi SZEMETHY, Katalin TESCH, Szilvi TÓTH - follows his / her own tempo and exploits his / her possibilities within the confines of their personal coordinates - latitude, longitude and amplitude. What holds this entity together is the interaction between the works and between artists and receivers. „Follow us!" - the artworks keep calling us... „Follow us with your look and your mind, follow and flow!"
When the artists and the works succeed together in harmonizing their various personal elements, then the works will be able to circulate in the common space of creation and creativity.
A part of the works „in movement" will refer to the „external" and „internal" motion of bodies (Vivienne BALLA, Viola FÁTYOL), another - through extremely scenic objects or videos - to virtual physical and scientific phenomena (Tamás KOMLOVSZKY-SZVET, Alma ABONYI, Katalin TESCH). On the other hand, the show will present some paintings (Fatime FABÓK-DOBRIBÁN) and photographs too (Enikő HANGAY, Szilvi TÓTH). The artists apply on the various paintings different picturesque resolutions and values: sometimes emphasizing the exciting dichotomy of figural and abstract (Réka KASZÁS, Péter APPELSHOFFER), sometimes shuffling cheeky humor (Orsi SZEMETHY) into the composition. The indirect meanings of our theme - spirit, energy and force, vibration, radiation and flow - vivify these paintings, which are exaggeratedly either explosive (Réka JAHODA) or calm, inner and slowly going (Hella MAYER).

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