Françoise GILOT: Endless Journey September 04, 2018 - October 27, 2018

The Várfok Gallery’s Autumn Season will begin with a solo exhibition of the work of the legendary, 97-years-old Françoise Gilot, to complement and coincide with the Taschen publication of the facsimile editions of her sketchbooks made in Venice, India and Senegal. The theme of the exhibition will be her journeys and will present her most recent works.

The painting career of Françoise Gilot (b.1921, Neully-Sur-Seine, France) is a story of triumph. Her oeuvre has taken a long time to receive due appreciation. She has had to prove herself as an artist on many occasions until she was finally able to shrug off the label of "Picasso's muse" and establish herself professionally as a first-class artist in her own right. Her art is rooted in the revolutionary golden age of 20th century art, when she came into direct contact with such eminent figures as Braque, Matisse, Juan Gris, Apollinaire, Paul Éluard, André Breton, Aragon and Cocteau. 
Gilot, the last living witness of the 20th century’s artistic development, even after ninety seven years, continues both to work and attain international success as may be seen by the 2012 exhibition in one of the world's leading galleries, the Gagosian Gallery, New York, where her work was shown together with works by Picasso. Further evidence of her international standing may be seen in the results of auctions at Sotheby's and Christie's where her early artworks have realised figures in the region of $500,000 - $600,000.
Françoise Gilot’s works are represented in numerous museums and galleries world wide including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (USA), the Museum of Modern Art in New York (USA), the Centre Pompidou, Paris (F), the Musée d'Art Moderne, Paris (F), the Musée de Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv (ISR), Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz (D) as well as in many prestigious private collections.

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