Endre Rozsda: Accusing Apparition March 31, 2010 - April 30, 2010

Endre Rozsda (1913-1999):  Accusing apparition
1979 oil on canvas, 73x92 cm.

On the painting Accusing apparition of Endre Rozsda infinite number of forms and colours appear, characteristical of the artist’s mature style. Among the vertical streaks painted with forceful gestures stands out on the left side of the painting a group of people. The skinny figures standing close to each other could be, as the title of the painting implies, the accusing apparitions emerging from the past. The magical world composed of the kaleidoscopic motives, the vividness and the arrangement of the brush strokes suggest that Rozsda doesn’t plan his composition: the work of art is born on the canvas and transforms continuously until finally, a sort of order comes into sight through the disorder. One can apprehend here Rozsda’s specific surrealism, which evolved entirely after World War II, following the dissolution of the art group Európai Iskola, partly founded by him: after many years of struggle Rozsda returned to France for ever in 1957.


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