István Nádler: Diagonal IV July 31, 2010 - September 09, 2010

István Nádler: Diagonal IV 2008   casein tempera on canvas        200x150cm


Since István Nádler (1938, Visegrád) around 2005 left his black period and has 'recoloured' his painting called not accidentaly as delight painting. Liberated, swirling gestures are to unfold in the space built up by bright, huge homogeneous colour-zones. Energy and joy radiates from these works. By the passing of years this dynamism born by movements has become more and more tranquil and moderated until then on the works of 2008, the dimension of gesture and space almost unite in his paintings, as the continuous gestures come along straight through the picture field and almost become such homogeneous colour stripes as the background. A good example of this period is the painting entitled Diagonal IV, which took part of a serie exhibited in Várfok Gallery in 2008. In the background spitted into two –a green and a grey– part, black and greyish-blue vertical gestures appear as a form and space building up the picture. They start from the opposit direction, their intensity deceases constantly so they let to show the former layers and thanks to this a special and a richly woven texture come into existence in the picture field.


Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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