László Győrffy: Me (Dorian Gray Foundation for the Young Artists) June 11, 2010 - July 17, 2010

In June we wish to present within the confines of the Portál Gallery László Győrffy’s work entitled Me (Dorian Gray Foundation for the Young Artists (2009 – oil on canvas – 70x50 cm).  The topic of this choice is that the work is actually to be seen at the group exhibition organised at the Városi Képtár (Municipal Art Gallery) of Székesfehérvár, entitled: Relations – Who? Whom? With What? (Variations of the portrait inside the Deák Collection and the Hungarian contemporary art). The particularity of Győrffy’s work is that although the picture is a self-portrait, what we see is a projection of himself in the future, sith the artist born in ’76 has a quite different physiognomy than what to be seen on the painting.

We see a middle-aged man with a galvanic grin on his face, who stares at us looking goat and evil. We can only see his bust, otherwise he is probably naked. He has a belly, we can see the veins running under his skin, his body seems boneless. The rest of the hair he has sticks straight up, the spots – marks of age – are already appearing on his wrinkled forehead. In a word, Győrffy depicts a quite disadvantageous picture of himself on this work. Proceeding from the title, there is an obvious reference to the hero of Oscar Wilde’s novel, who sacrifices his soul to let his portrait age instead of him, remaining young. But the painting reflects also the ugliness of his soul, and the figure of the beautiful man is distorted and becomes a monster. Győrffy not only refers to himself on his painting but also to the young artists in general, who, still proceeding from the picture, would do anything for… success? The work was first exhibited at the Studio Gallery in 2009, as a side line of an installation. You can see pictures of the exhibition by clicking on our website on the Delicatessen button, and then on the Outdoor exhibitions.


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