László Mulasics: Unexpected revulsion November 25, 2010 - December 31, 1980

At the beginning, in the second half of the ’80s László Mulasics’ art was defined by the sensual and subjective qualities of those years’ popular tendency, called new sensibility. But already in these works one could feel, that Mulasics was following his own way: the strong and thick brushstrokes came to life seceding from forms, while their rhythm and tempo already foreshadowed the geometrical world of the next years. Later on the figural compositions were also gradually overshadowed by abstract motives: symbols and geometrical forms came into prominence.

Towards the end of the ’80s Mulasics discovered the wax technic, called encaustica, which roots go back to ancient origins. Thanks to this technic the meditative character of the works is intensified, for painting with wax - because of the fast drying - calls consciousness, direct gestures and precisity: a sort of deeply thoughtful state is neccessary. The waxy surface creates a special aura surrounding the paintings, making them timeless and archaic. This immobility is reinforced by Mulasics’s pure compositions as well. The Unexpected Revulsion is a nice example of this period, which work is going to be exhibited by Várfok Gallery at Budapest Art Fair in Kunsthalle of Budapest between November 25th and 28th 2010.


Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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