Martin C. Herbst: Untitled May 06, 2010 - June 05, 2010

Martin C. Herbst: Untitled 2010, oil on mirror-alucobond, 53x110cm


         In May,Portál Gallerywishes to present to the visitors ofVárfok Gallery’s website one of the newest works of Martin C. Herbst. An unknown man can be seen on this work as a newer example of the artist’s affinity to this genre. In the focus of Herbst’s interest stands the portrait. Huge faces with intense colours, capturing the spectator’attention by their mysterious look are to be seen on his paintings. His frequent source of inspiration is 16th century Manierism. His portraits - like their 16th century companions - are cold and reserved in their manners - as if they would wear a sort of mask, they do not let the spectator enter their intimate world.The theory saying that the portrait is not able to express the model’s inner world, but does only reflect his/her features can be perfectly quoted in this case. Herbst’s innovative use of material gives a special aura to the works, since his paintings are not made on canvas but on an aluminium plates, which increses the abstract and cool manner of the figures.

On the painting presented now in Portál Gallery and originally made for Várfok Gallery’s group exhibition entitled Crescendo, the artist - according to the verve of the musical term – brings the aluminium plate into movement, generating a more dynamic composition and a special optical play. As his spheres, and semi-spheres turned Herbst’s painting from 2D to 3D, such as the way his works illuminated from the back blurred the borders of reality, creation and fantasy, so does this 2D wavering work flings itself into space.



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