Péter Ujházi: The Space October 14, 2010 - November 13, 2010

Péter Ujházi’s œuvre could be hardly separated into different phases, rather we can consider it as a flowing process in which Ujházi’s characteristic elements – landscape, tavern, animals, old stuff and historical scenes – reappear again and again. His paintings react to reality, they represent motives and events from day-to-day life in very unusual perspective(s). That’s to say that with the continual change of point of views Ujházi creates a particular spatial construction, in which proportion and clear composition disappear. Figures and elements, reduced to simple lines, are swirling around. Narration has a primary role in the pictures and we get the feeling that the scenes continue to exist beyond the frames as with the change of point of views space expands and becomes unlimited.
„In my picture SPACE is full of stars, planets, moons. This depiction is about to proove that other inhabited celestial bodies exist as well, so there is vegetal, animal and human LIFE beyond us. The movies (films) show star-cities, star-harbours. I show star-countries, star-villages, star-farms and star-courses with bicycle.”
Péter Ujházi celebrates his 70th birthday at the end of October, so our Portal Gallery’s October month is dedicated to Ujházi.


Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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