Zsuzsi Csiszér's painted collage March 01, 2011 - April 01, 2011

On her new paintings Zsuzsi Csiszér continues to anatomize the different layers and dimensions of reality, always looking for new connections. Her so-called „painted collages” only imitate the technique made famous by Cubist, Dadaist or Surrealist artists: Csiszér doesn’t use different materials – such as photos or newspaper stripes (on some of her works in 2009 she deliberately used mixed media). The present works are completely made with oil on canvas, the ripped marks are just „virtual”, painted. The works give the impression that someone has teared appart different pictures and has mixed the pieces and then put them together again – that is the works refer to the illusionistic world of „trompe l’oeil” pictures. (Nevertheless, these surfaces also make us think of those playful books, in which a figure could be „constructed” of a head, a body and legs, each element „borrowed” from a figure seen on antoher page. As if beneath the surface, several layers were to be found and depending on the location and depth of the shredding, interesting details would come to the surface.)
At first sight the „reconstruction” of the pieces seems random but exciting and unusual associations come to life between the strata. This is exactly Csiszér’s aim: by tearing the surface appart she wishes to rip open reality to see what is behind it. She is conducted by the search of her own identity and in a more general way, the identity of women. She analyses through her works the roles and aspects of what women have chosen to be, or how society wants to see them. This field has been for years now the main line of her interest, overarching several periods in her oeuvre but uniting them at the same time. 


Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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