February 22, 2006 - March 19, 2006

Várfok Hall (Várfok street 14.)

László Szotyory Acceptance "– Idyll

The subtitle of László Szotyory’s (1957, Kolozsvár, Romania) newest exhibition could be variations on a theme, as he takes one subject and paints it in many forms, with different colors, and in different ways of painting. On the paintings we see two Indian girls sitting in front of each other in an embrace and look into each other’s eyes. Their position might remind us of Gaugain’s Tahiti women. Their faces are filled with idyll and timeless peace.

Szotyory repeats this scene several times, because, on the one hand while painting he discovered several ways of painting the subject, and on the other hand the composition reminded him of an emblem. Szotyory uses often the central composition, which transforms a landscape, a park, or a scene into an emblem.

This kind of repetition is not alien to Szotyory, as at his last exhibition the garden theme was painted three times, according to the colors of the different times of the day.


Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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