aatoth franyo: Lunch on the grass March 19, 2009 - April 18, 2009

The exhibition of the latest works of aatoth franyo (Nyíregyháza, 1954) is to open on 19th March in Várfok Gallery’s Várfok Hall.

The figures of the ironical and grotesque stories unfold from the familiar red background. This scraped – down and repainted heavy background has been an essential ingredient of aatoth’s art since more than ten years. The forms and figures featuring human relationships, behaviors, and symbols are fully simplified, as for the artist what is important is the thought created by associations, and not the narration itself. In order to understand these associations, the inscriptions appearing on the art works have a significant role. Sometimes, aatoth suggests us in a whispy and humorous way to think over and examine our faith and its symbolism, that’s why he invents for instance the Portable Church for us. But then in other examples (Couple with middle size fish) he uses a more astounding and dynamic tone to review the social intercourses. The encounter and the impact between different cultures also appears frequently on his paintings. A good example for this is The Land or The Bangkok Waltz, the latter one representing a modernized, Eastern culture influenced by the Western one by representing a girl getting dressed after bathing. One can feel through the exhibited works the artist’s reaction towards the world’s current events and his critical point of view, flavoured with his specific sour humour.

The exhibition will be opened by the artist himself.



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