Françoise Gilot October 15, 2009 - November 21, 2009

Françoise Gilot (1921, Neuilly-sur-Seine) will present this year her works in Budapest in occasion of her fifth solo exhibition at Várfok Gallery. Her oeuvre, covering at the moment nearly seventy years, is overarching a major part of 20th century. The young Gilot started to evolve in the field of painting at the beginning of the 1940’s, under the wings of Endre Rozsda among others. Yet neither of the two painters thought of their relation as a master-student one, Gilot learns a lot just by listening to Rozsda’s contemplations. Françoise has been learning to draw and to paint since the age of five. After going through different artistic academies, she met Pablo Picasso during the war in 1944. Her autobiographical and theoretical written works published during her later career reflect in an excellent way how receptive she was to the theoretical side of painting. Thanks to the two narrations (Life with Picasso – 1964; Dans l’arène avec Picasso - 2004) published also in Hungary, her relationship with one of the biggest masters of the 20th century is well known by many of us. The evolving of her painting could not pass round Picasso’s influence – she did acquire his theories and adopted them -, but soon from the mid-fifties she managed to throw off these features and find her own mature style. Later on she fully deserved to become worldwide known as a painter: in her works alloying forceful colours, fringing between abstract and figurative worlds, she seeks simplicity and harmony of tones while compressing her philosophical view of the world in consistent but clear compositions. Gilot, spending a bigger part of the year in New York and summers principally in her Parisian atelier, is still active at work. The paintings to be shown at Várfok Gallery’s Várfok Hall are presenting a selection of works made during the past years. These works keep the characteristics of her paintings from the mid-nineties: colours and structures playfully raise each other. From the compositions presented at Várfok Hall emerge the inscrutable paths of fate and the symbols of the weights of life’s gordian knots.
Várfok Gallery first presented the works of Françoise Gilot in 2000. She last came to Hungary in 2007 when inaugurating the plein-air exhibition space in Várfok street: Gallery 19. The works of Gilot, decorated with numerous American and French acknowledgements, are part of several important museum collections throughout the world. Françoise Gilot is celebrating her 88th birthday this year.





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