Impulso March 25, 2010 - April 29, 2010

    Várfok Gallery, as one of the first privatly founded contemporary art galleries in Hungary, opened in 1990, it is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. During its undiminished two decades-long run it has tried to stick to its primary aim, namely to stand up for high quality contemporary art and legitimise it in Hungary and abroad.
    The fact that Várfok Gallery helped to start the carrier of several contemporary artists, that it took part in the building up of different major Hungarian art collections and that it reinforced the international relations of Hungarian contemporary art confirm its merits.
     By now Várfok Gallery’s permanent circle of artists took shape, of which circle’s Hungarian and international members exhibit on a regular basis at Várfok and XO Halls. As at the same time Várfok Gallery finds important to support young artists and to discover new talents, the owner decided to start in 2007 Várfok Gallery’s „branch”, the Spiritusz Gallery where young artists can present their fresh, dynamic works without any strings of genres. The strong inhesion between the two galleries shows that the 20 years old, more traditional-like Várfok Gallery is willing to innovate and to open towards new medias, just as that Spiritusz Gallery’s young talents are backed up by a well-known and established gallery in the field of Hungarian contemporary art.
    This year, in 2010 Várfok Gallery would like to celebrate its 20th anniversary in a solemn way. For this occasion it has enriched its program with different thrilling, tematic group exhibitions. After the first one, entitled Paradogma, followed at Várfok Hall by the one called On Paper, now the exhibition Impulso, presenting artists of Spiritusz Gallery will open at Várfok Hall, while at the XO Hall the exhibition Crescendo is to be seen. The particularity of this latter is to present the entire artists’ circle of Várfok Gallery. The booklet celebrating Várfok Gallery’s 20th anniversary, out at the end of April 2010, is also related with Crescendo.

    A reference to the exhibition Crescendo and its conception is to be found on the one hand in the title Impulso.
On the other hand ’impulse’ (thence springs the title of the exhibition: Impulso)  means driving force, motivation, or translated to the artistic language: inspiration, that can be an inner, nature-like stimulus, or an exterior (generated by an outer effect), sudden, stroke-like either momentary, actual intention.
    The first is an already existing impulse, coming from one’s personality, or already being his/her part (interiorized impulse), a sort of regular, typical answer (phrasing or style) given to different impressions.
    The second can cause a reaction – or a change of style or paradigm - that radically challenges one’s own behavior models, rearranges them after an explosion-like effect.
Built up on these terms, the exhibition Impulso is a quite particular show to stage from March 25th: the participating artists present new art works created only for this occasion, reflecting on the œuvre of their collegues.
    Twelve artists from Spiritusz Gallery were asked to reflect through an own creation to the works or œuvres of a „partner artist” chosen from Várfok Gallery’s circle of artists. So every artists from Spiritusz Gallery has a „partner” from Várfok Gallery.
    On the group exhibition different genres are presented from paintings to video works through  photos and sculptures. The aim of the exhibition is to help create different points of connections: a sort of ’direct dialogue’ between artists, generations and genres.
The works of these twelve artists can be seen partly at Várfok Gallery’s Várfok Hall, and at Spiritusz Gallery. On the exhibition shared between these two places not only the new works of the young artists will be exhibited, but also those of the Várfok Gallery’s artists, chosen as a partner.


Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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