István Nádler: Portrait of Péter Esterházy March 21, 2006 - April 29, 2006

The exceptional thing about István Nádler’s exhibition is that it is the official initiation of the artist at the Hungarian Széchenyi Academy. This is the first time that such an occasion happens in the Várfok Gallery.
There will be two exhibitions of Nádler at the same time, one in the Várfok Hall, entitled "“The Portrait of Péter Esterházy”, the other in the XO Hall, entitled "“New Paintings”.

The show at the Várfok Hall is a special series of Nádler, the portraits of Péter Esterházy. Here in the objectless painting of Nádler turn up figurative details, but the conflict between the transcendental and real world are kept in the works. These are spiritual portraits, where not only the classical portrait was made, but also a more holistic understanding of the genre.


Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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