László feLugossy: De-pressing April 20, 2005 - May 22, 2005

László feLugossy (1947, Kecskemét) had his last exhibition in 2003 at our gallery, this time we would like to show his recent work in the Várfok. His painting is a surrealistic composition of motifs (female figures with twisted, drawn legs/hands; pots, spoons, branches, bodies), which he developed in the 80s. Most of his objects are brought to life, when from the bed, pot and bowl are made twisted lying figures. The only thing that always changes in feLugossy’s art is the mediums, the materials. He plays and makes experiments with everything that he finds around himself: may it be a mosquito net or a shaving-brush.

This continuous experimentation is typical of the works shown this April. He is testing the patience of the visitors "– how long they can tolerate the depression of the fully packed paintings. Female profiles, animals, "“human-signs”, brought-to-life objects cover the canvas in a chaotic way. His paintings are composed of garbage-papers, metals like a collage and then all this is painted over and covered with acryl, silicon or siloplast. The paintings are characterized by their strong, neon colours too, which is typical for graffity-art. The (self)ironic titles speak for themselves, to see just a few: Media-baroness from the farm; Subsistence level self-portrait, Steel griped freedom, The Against-Ciciolina


Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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