László Szotyory: Picture Strip September 10, 2009 - October 10, 2009

Munkácsy and Palladium Prizes laureate László Szotyory (1957, Cluj-Napoca) has been member of Várfok Gallery’s artists circle nearly since the beginnings. His paintings realised with silky lightness and subtle colours have two characteristical source of inspiration: one is the American world, the other is the „Mediterraneum”. Parks, Italian gardens and antique buildings appear on his pictures through pastel-like colours and feather touch layers, wich often let the spectator discover the rough canvas under the paint. The current exhibition entitled Picture strip indicates on the one hand the affinity of the artist for the genre of comic strips. On the other hand, as he notices it, the title refers to the parallel between the structure of the comic strips and the works exhibited at Várfok Hall. That is: one principal character is present on every painting and the spectator while progressing in the exhibition area can follow his/her way through different situations and places. The main character in this case is the airplane, object of Szotyory’s admiration since his childhood. It is not the first time that this theme appears in his works: his first paintings representing airplanes were realised in August 2001. Afterwards Szotyory had set aside this theme for he didn’t want to seem it like some kind of reflections on the actual happenings of the world. Avoiding actuality is one of the characteristics of his art, but the time has come now to treat the theme once again. Due to the effect of the classical landscapes, the everyday objects, simple motives – cars, planes – tower above the casual meaning, emerge from the dimension of linear time and by means of the time planes and interactions they become of an eternal value. Looking on the exhibition the spectator may become the artist’s companion through the journeys crossing the imaginery landscapes and cities, flying between the enlightened soft clouds into dreams and desires.


Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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