Nude, Girls November 26, 2009 - January 09, 2010

The new exhibiton to open on November 26th in Várfok Gallery’s Várfok Hall is going to be a special one for the group show will have the female nude as topic. Six artists of Várfok Gallery and one from Spiritusz Gallery, Sara Berti, will exhibit their works in Várfok Hall.
Walking among these paintings reflecting on the female body, one can discover different approaches to art nude and get an insight how this classical genre - disposing of a past of thousands of years - finds its place in the artists’ oeuvre.
While previously art nude was characterized by a sculpture-like unity and by perfectness, it can be defined now more as a subjective thought about the body, which is often shattered, imperfect: the artist’s inner world, his/her personal experiences and reflections on the world and on society break up and blow up the classical form. At the present exhibition aatoth franyo’s frivol, red based work reflecting ironically on female gender, Sara Berti’s abstract torsos with force-lines, János Szirtes’ archaical carbon body-imprints referring to cultical rituals of ancient triebs, Ray Monde’s sensual paintings or Zsuzsi Csiszér’s works delineating the sexuality of female body - all these works are different conceptions and individual approaches to art nude. Just as László Győrffy’s shocking graphic work, which may mostly express the substantive change of modern art nude, where the material-like part of the body, its biological functions are illustrated too, emphasizing the thought that the nakedness of the body doesn’t finish by its surface. On the contrary, in Levente Herman’s painting a nostalgical desire for the traditional representation of art nude can be felt as he dresses this genre up in classical clothes weaving together the world of the 20’s and of antique amphoras, referring to the origins of the art nude.


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