On Paper - group exhibition February 18, 2010 - March 20, 2010

VÁRFOK HALL (1012 Budapest, Várfok str. 14)
„On Paper” – aatoth franyo, Zsuzsi CSISZÉR, László feLUGOSSY, Françoise GILOT, László GYŐRFFY, El KAZOVSZKIJ, László MULASICS, István NÁDLER, Endre ROZSDA, János SZIRTES
Opening: February 18th 2010, Thursday, between 6 and 8 p.m.

The late exhibition at Várfok Gallery’s Várfok Hall will present from February 18 2010 a group show, yet this time the exhibited works are not gathered around a theme, but around a certain medium, a material.
Paper is one of the basic accessories of artists, should this artist be a musician who commits his/her music to paper, or a painter who creates sketches on paper. From the easily delineated forms to the meticulous drawings, paper can become witness of the works’ birth, of which it is present since the first moments. Paper is at the same time not only a tool, a starting-point: it had time to manifest as an individual „genre” in the past century.
In the field of art, paper started its own soaring with codex art in the middle-ages, followed by the spread of printmaking. Until the 20th century, paper has had more or less the same role in art, as it was used equally for spreading engravings or creating sketches. However, with the growth of drawings’ value, works deliberately created on paper became at the end of the 19th century an independant „genre”, and gained their well deserved place and aknowledgement. Throughout the 20th century, paper was somewhat overshadowed by the apparition of new media – it got less attention, and is sometimes literally dwarfed by huge paintings.
Now paper enables the development of a more direct relation between the spectator and the work, the artist. Paper inspires to something different than canvas: to more automatic, spontaneous, at the same time more meticulous, measured lines and colouring. The works to be next presented at Várfok Hall picture how does one handles this media placed in a central role? The gestures of István Nádler, the circle movements of Zsuzsi Csiszér, the destructive thoughts of László Győrffy, the wandering animals of El Kazovszkij, the red backgrounds of aatoth franyo, the Surrealistic figures of Endre Rozsda, the studies of László Mulasics, the laying trees of János Szirtes, the „ins and outs” of László feLugossy and at last but not least, the ink silhouettes of Françoise Gilot – all of them come to life this time on paper.


Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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