Paradogma - Group exhibition January 14, 2010 - February 13, 2010

Group exhibition

Várfok Gallery founded in 1990 is celebrating in 2010 its 20th birthday. The Gallery wishes to celebrate this round-number anniversary with special exhibitions, that is why already the first event of 2010 will be a large, thematic group exhibition presenting some of the artists of the Gallery. Considering this particular event, some requested artists of Spiritusz Gallery, started by Várfok Gallery in 2007, will exhibit also - at Várfok Hall - reflecting on the same theme as the requested artists of Várfok Gallery.
    The title word of the actual exhibition, similarly to some of Várfok Gallery’s previous thematic exhibitions (like Real-Irreal, greenIA, Reflection) is a play on words, but in this case there are several meaning-layers to be discovered. 'Paradogma' is a word combination, a neologism, which is made of the words 'paradigma' (paradigm), 'dogma' and 'para' (double meaning: para- and a sort of fear). If we had to give a dictionnary entry for the word paradogma, as a first meaning it could cover a way of seeing able to go beyond, to imagine beyond limited, narrow-minded systems of rules or thoughts, which sometimes circumscribe or cause bad influence. Though the following interpretation is not integral with the works to be presented, still the notion of paradogma could be in certain ways adopted to describe the activity of Várfok Gallery. One of the main aspirations of the Gallery in the past two decades was to help innovate the Hungarian contemporary art scene, by inspiring it with program-exhibitions and events and suggesting the crossing of the unwritten dogmas. The artist circle of the Gallery is diversified and varied – this is also how the oeuvres become individually exciting to discover -, and though it doesn’t have a uniform conception of the world, its representation home and abroad accordingly to international requirements makes it coherent since long years.
    Between Januar 14 and February 13 2010 both exhibition halls of Várfok Gallery present different interpretations to the notion of paradogma.

VÁRFOK HALL (1012 Budapest, Várfok str. 14)
„Paradogma” – Viola FÁTYOL, Enikő HANGAY, Tamás KOMLOVSZKY-SZVET, Ágnes Éva MOLNÁR, Szilvi TÓTH
Opening: January 14th 2009, Thursday, between 6 and 8 p.m.

At Várfok Hall some of the artists of Spiritusz Gallery get once again the opportunity to introduce themselves. At this occasion mostly young photographers will exhibit their works. Will join them the sculptor Tamás Komlovszky-Szvet reflecting on the theme with his works using particular techniques (reflection, floating). It is interesting to analyse the annoucement of the exhibition suggesting the crossing of limits through artistic genres as photo or sculpture which have a great past and traditions: the provocative work of Ágnes Éva Molnár adopts the theory in practice and fringes upon concept art and photo. Szilvi Tóth approaches the matter in a different way, by analyzing through her work – but staying faithful to her well-known visual and colour world – the relation of analogue and digital photo, by crossing her own limits. Viola Fátyol interpretated the notion of paradogma on the field of her personal fears and limits, whereas Enikő Hangay shows the experience going beyond everydays by presenting two everyday (or not?) object-constellations beholded together only for a few seconds.


Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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