Péter Ujházi: Provincial Work May 28, 2009 - June 27, 1980

The exhibition of the latest works of Péter Ujházi (1940, Székesfehérvár) opens on 28th May in Várfok Gallery’s Várfok Hall.
Péter Ujházi’s painting represents a unique style in Hungarian contemporary art.  He doesn’t take part in any current tendencies. His pictorial world and style was established in the ’60s and ’70s, and although enriched by little changes, it has remained the same in the last decades.  It is difficult to divide his oeuvre into separate phases, it is probably better if we try to consider it as a flowing process in which Ujházi’s characteristic elements – landscape, tavern, animals, old stuff and historical scenes – reappear again and again.  His paintings react to reality, they represent motives and events in day-to-day life.  At first sight his scenes seem to be "light" and "weightless" but beneath the surface there are hidden layers carrying different, complex and usually contrasting meanings. Behind the playfulness of his works lies harsh criticism about reality, however he can also dissolve the sad atmosphere of the gloomy paintings by sprightly elements of the scenes.  One has got the feeling that Ujházi is in and over the things at the same time, as if he saw them from a special angle, that is his unique perspective.  The theme of the exhibited works are the landscape of Nadap, the provincial world (Garden Work) and the spectacle of the crowded street (Foreign Street) which are places of day-to-day life.  Apart of his paintings the exhibition must include his typical sculptures and box-works, reminiscents of miniature puppet theaters.


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