RayMonde: new corps January 08, 2008 - February 09, 2008

RAY MONDE lives and works in Paris since 1981, the artist, born
in Luxembourg, is active not only in painting and graphic works but
also does performance art, installations and photography. Ray Monde exhibited
in Várfok Galéria first time in 2006. January, featuring her series of works
addressing the modes of representation of female and male body.
A vantage point of Ray Monde’s art is a childhood dream, about the moment after,
or before, Genesis. She desires to fill this world with the body,
the only thing we have sensory (and sensual) experience of.
According to her critics, Ray Monde paints her works with the
attitude of Francis Bacon, in naturalist style, always seeking truth
and reality through her revealing works. With the artist’s words:
„the so popular anxiety about a perfect and ideal body, that is,
indeed, the concept of a divine body, is still" —at least in the West" —
the remnant of the ancient faith of transcendental model. Time has come
for all of us to get rid of this common denominator and transcend to a
discourse nourished with light." ” In this sense we can ponder over
Ray Monde’s works, as the origins of the rebirth of values, which,
from now on, tackle the themes of worldly matter, earth, mud, and parts of the body.
The works of the Luxembourgean artist can this time be enjoyed by the Hungarian
public at Várfok exhibition hall.


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