Róbert Várady February 10, 2005 - March 12, 2005

Following Róbert Várady’s (1950, Budapest) earlier photorealist works, in the 1990s his art became ever more abstract. The almost monochrome, carpet-like surfaces gained an important part of his work, these Várady layered with montage elements and signs of geometrical purity. The art of Várady has a certain intellectual nature, inspired by poetry, mathematics and philosophy. Frequently it is specific philosophical or literary texts that inspire him. He is engaged by the existential experiences, thoughts, and themes, such as the bed or the house, that come up in the writings of Wittgenstein, Flusser, Baudrillard, Heidegger, and Kant. Nevertheless, it is important to note, that these paintings are not merely illustrations. Várady attempts to translate the unfathomable concepts of metaphysics into a visual language by transforming them into metaphors. Beside philosophy, his works reflect on the current issues in the scientific fields or in the digital and virtual world: his so-called Fractal pictures and the Simulacrum, Cloning and Interface themes demonstrate this. His newest paintings lead us to the interface world where in time and space Heidegger, Kant and occasionally Terminator meet. Várady places the so-called high art next to popular culture, displaying no sign of criticism, leaving it up to the viewer. His paintings furthermore bow in front of the old master: the observant visitor can discover Holbein’s anamorphic skulls in one of the new paintings!


Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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