Róbert Várady: New Works November 20, 2007 - December 31, 2007

During the 90’s the earlier photorealist works of Róbert Várady (1950, Budapest)
began to evolve into a semi-abstract style. In his new works, he created layered structures of clear geometric or personal motifs over a dominant, almost monochrome, carpet-like surface. His works are based on his structures that also pervade his inner, intellectual world. Várady’s oeuvre extends into a type of intellectual and philosophical art, inspired by poetry, mathematics and philosophy. Not infrequently it is inspired by specific philosophical, or  literary texts: Wittgenstein, Flusser, Baudrillard, Heidegger, He is also inspired by exisential experiences and problems  raised up in Kant’s discourse. In his art, Várady converts intangible concepts of metaphysics to a visual language of pictoral metaphors. In addition to philosophy, his works respond to actual scientific  problems, questions of discovery and unique findings.
His new exhibition includes three series (fractal-paintings, interface-paintings, and hyperrealistic figures between abstract motifs). Fractals are motifs similar to one another that recur in varying ratios, and whose details (when blown up) are identical to the original unit. These visual models refer to the fact that hidden realities exist beyond the threshold of our perception and senses. In addition, — as it applies to contemporary art —, digital and virtual world also profoundly inspires Várady, who does not overlook actual problems of the Cyber world, that transforms human relations, smaller and largers community relations and social context—these issues bring in a new understanding of space. This new world is his „interface” where entities, characters that would normally be remote and unavailable to one another, both in terms of time and space, can eventually get together over a single spatial-temporal plane. This is how we can meet Madonna and Wittgenstein at once.


Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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