Róbert Várady: Newer Pictures than the Old Ones July 02, 2009 - July 25, 2009

At Róbert Várady’s next exhibition presenting his latest works, huge paintings showing realistic figures in imaginary spaces will fill up Várfok Gallery’s Várfok Hall.
Róbert Várady (1950, Budapest) started his painter carrier at the end of the ’70s - beginning of the ’80s with photorealist works; in the ’90s one could already apprehend his turn towards the abstract.  Following the abstract paintings, on which signs and symbols were shown in a strict order over a monochrome, carpet-like space, he got back in 2002 to the world of figural painting. These latter are multi-layered works. The elaborated, realistic figures appear on an empty, simplified, carpet-like abstract background, which is a sort of virtual world created by computers. The layers inspite of their homogeneity are carrying a very intense, whirling force. As if there would be an attempt to depict the dimension of time. Várady is not a neutral contemplative in this world, he takes sides by manipulating the viewer through the inscriptions belonging to the figures.
An important change in his art can be noticed looking at the selected works exhibited at Várfok Gallery: the return of perspective. Várady was absolutely ignoring it before, as for him it meant the basic element of tradicional art whereas his principal aim was to break off with the latter.  Now he gets back to perspective after all, with the help of which he deepens his cyber-spaces. These pseudo-spaces carry their reactions towards the postmodern world and the human relationships born in it, world where complicated, polysemantic and enigmatic connections, relations are to be found.
Through the exhibited works one can witness how Várady searches the different ways of existing in this virtual world of the 21st century, where human relationships and behaviours must be revalued.


Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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