Sándor Rácmolnár: Graphic Novel May 06, 2010 - June 05, 2010

Sándor Rácmolnár (1960, Miskolc / H) last exhibited his works nearly exactly one year ago at Várfok Gallery’s XO Hall (Synchronicity). One of the particularity of the show then, was the fact that it was the first time that the two different artistic approaches of Rácmolnár could be seen together. The show presented at the same time his more „traditional” works – paintings – and his more „abstract” ones: his digital UV prints using the elements of Rácmolnár’s „personal mythology”.
The exhibition to open now at Várfok Gallery’s Várfok Hall is certes reserving some novelty. The well-known figures of Rácmolnár – particular, playful creatures also invoking ancestral cave drawings -, which until know were to be found on his unique, colourful prints sometimes using mirror-like surfaces, are to be now presented with a completely new technique, as manually created artworks.
The title of the exhibition - Graphic Novel – is given in English. The literary and artistic genre of „comic strip” or „comics” was born longer than a century ago and developed its form and structure generally used nowadays about a hundred years ago. Will Eisner was an innovator in this field: he created the genre of „graphic novel”, placing the structure of the comics on different levels, creating literally a novel related by graphical elements. Though at the exhibition of Rácmolnár the graphical works presented are not concretely related (telling a story in a cohesive, linear way), we are to discover deliberate and accidental correspondences between the works through the recurrence of the „creatures” of the personal mythology, the similar structure and margin of the works etc. The artworks are particular also for the small texts integrated inside the pictures – not only as verbal, but also as visual signs – which frequently have a dislocating effect instead of carrying an explanation for the meaning of the works. Rácmolnár similarly to the way he originates his ancestral creatures – who are sometimes generating a sacral atmosphere, but are at the same time archaic but „frivolous”, playful - from ready-made, found, accidental forms procreating then surrealistic scenes, he operates the same way as for the texts he chooses. Quotations, sequences of sentences from novels, lyrics: the source is inconsequential – what dominates is the meaning, the improvising narrative, the subjective association.
Sándor Rácmolnár originally proceeded a few years ago from the „dingbats”: these symbols and decorative elements were first used in typography, but are today organic parts of the font families of the computerworld. Developing this idea through the past years, Rácmolnár’s attention can be now caught by nearly „any” form, he can then start to create the surrealistic, sometimes cartoon-like actors of his works.
The fact that Rácmolnár generates for the first time these figures in a manual way, he accentuates the archaic character of his „heroes”, but by combining accidental forms, texts and margins, he rewrites their original meanings, places them inside new contexts, giving the spectator the chance of different interpretations. Thanks to this attitude, Rácmolnár is able to break out of the rigid world of forms, and by the mutual effects of the graphical elements, he generates a particular narrative waiting for a free interpretation.


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