Tectonic October 16, 2004 - November 13, 2004
For this exhibition the Várfok gallery chose from the paintings of Imre Bak and István Nádler and the sculptures of Sebestyén Monori. The individual artistic creations of the three artists show common features, which can be interpreted in architectural sense, which was the actual frame of this exhibition. These are: geometry, structural principle, constructive designing, tectonic. Both painters were influenced in the beginning by the classic examples of abstraction (Kandinszkij, Malevich, Mondrian), the informel, cubism, the conceptual and visual material of the avantgarde and constructivism. Studying, digesting and overriding all these they arrived to their own, individual, abstract painting. The expression "“image-building”, is by Lajos Kassak, the great figure of Hungarian avantgarde, had become a keyword of the 60th-70th centuries’ art theory. It can be defined in the context of each exhibited individual work and of the harmonious exhibition as a whole. The relation between architecture and the paintings of the two painters is best established and close at hand through the sculptures of Sebestyén Monori, which have already been created in real space. This exhibition illustrates the different forms of image-building and their relations.

Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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