aatoth franyo: Pachypodium February 18, 2010 - March 20, 2010

The exhibiton of the newest works of aatoth franyo (Nyíregyháza, 1954) is to open on the 18th February at Várfok Gallery’s XO Hall.

In the presented works aatoth continues to express his critique view about society, the world and the cultural differences in his regular grotesque-ironic way.
Nowadays, one can encounter the exhibitions of the artist - living in Paris since the 1970’s  - nearly all over the world. aatoth, the active traveller, became trully fascinated by the culture of the Far East. This is perceptible in his works mainly through the Chinese inscriptions, figures and intense red backgrounds. (In this last element we can suspect the consistent use of paprika in the Hungarian cuisine and the red wine of Bordeaux as well.) This show at XO Hall is also to be considered as a sort of preparation for his debut-exhibition in Canton (CN) which will take place in the Museum of Fine Arts.
The present exhibition was named after a cactus-like plant, the so called Pachypodium, which aatoth discovered during one of his travel in the Californian desert. This plant, in order to survive the hard desert circumstances, drops his acid leaves to the ground, killing this way everything in his environment and so collecting all the necessary substances. Through his paintings, aatoth always reflects to the world surrounding us, its actual happenings, showing its seamy side, putting a mirror in front of the spectator. That is: in these paintings, the pachypodium becomes the symbol of pushy people, who are overrunning on each other, while trying to survive and make their way in the world.
The decisive elements of the works of aatoth franyo are the grotesque, essentially reduced figures and motives, since the artist’s approach of the world and his message prevail through them. An interesting point of this recent exhibition is that among the pictures expressing sharp criticism, a lirical one can be found as well in the case of Journeys with Qun. Its specificity lays on the fact that this can be considered as the first landscape in aatoth’s œuvre.
aatoth’s versatility can be understood seeing that beneath his pictorical labour, he worked on different short films for the cultural TV channel ARTE, has designed several CD covers for the famous French rock band Noir Desir and wrote a book entitled the Pocket Dictionary of the Traveling Alcoholic, a publication which made use of alcohol-ethnological research in 14 languages.
The exhibition will be opened by Pista Busa.


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