Crescendo March 25, 2010 - April 29, 2010

The Várfok Gallery, as one of the first privatly founded contemporary art galleries in Hungary, opened its doors in 1990, so it celebrates the 20th anniversary of its existence this year. During its undiminished 2 decades-long run it has tried to stick to its primary aim, namely to stand up for contemporary art and legitimise it in Hungary and abroad.
Show Várfok Gallery’s merits, that it helped to start the carrier of many contemporary artists, took part in buildup of different collections and reinforced the international relations of Hungarian contemporary art.
 By now its permanent, close artists’ circle took shape which Hungarian and international members exhibit on a regular basis in its Várfok and XO Halls. As at the same time Várfok Gallery finds important the support of young artists and the discover of new talents, that’s why in 2007 started its fiale??, Spiritusz Gallery where young artists can exhibit their fresh, dynamic works without any strings of genres. The strong companionship of Várfok Gallery and Spiritusz Gallery shows the renewal and the opening for new medias of the 20 years old traditional Várfok Gallery, just as from the side of Spiritusz Gallery, the support of an already well-known nagymultú? Gallery, which can secure the place of Spiritusz Gallery’s young artists in the Hungarian contemporary art field.

This year, 2010 Várfok Gallery would like to celebrate its 20th birthday in a solemn way. For this occasion enriches its program with different exciting, tematic group exhibitions. After the first one, entitled Paradogma, and then On Paper, organised in Várfok Hall, now in Várfok Hall the Impulso with the artists of Spiritusz Gallery and in XO Hall the Crescendo exhibition can be seen. The particularity of this latter is to present the whole artists’ circle of Várfok Gallery, and the issue of Várfok Gallery’s 20th anniversary, publish at the end of April 2010) is in connection with it
The Crescendo, as it was already mentioned, showes Várfok Gallery’s whole artists’ circle, all the 18 Hungarian and international artists. There was never an exhibition, where every artists of the gallery in this set-up would have been represented together, so this will be truly interesting.
The title of the exhibition is a well-know musical term. Crescendo is used as a direction in music, an instruction regarding the gradual increase, especially in the volume or intensity of sound in a passage.
In a technical way, crescendo refers - in connection with this exhibition- growing up and rising of Várfok Gallery together with its artists, that of the œuvre of its artists and coming of spring, rebirth of nature, collecting forces and blossoming.
Just as in case of the exhibition, entitled Paradogma, also this recent one sets up works made for request or selected just for this occasion: the major part of the artists prepared completely new works for this theme.
So artists could reflect on the motif of crescendo and although this exercise could be hard, the different layers of meaning of the theme offered a broad space for creation.
The exhibited works partly were born in term of increasing strength, dynamism or they reflect on it. The incorporeal musical notion is translated into the language of materiality, through the intensity, force and explosion of colour and form. Some paintings reflected to the growth in a figurative sense. Ferocity, volatility and speed are all characteristic of modern society, as are unleashed emotions, anger and the breaking of taboos. Crescendo encapsulates the moment just before catharsis, where repressed emotions are intensified to the point of explosion, bringing purification and a new beginning. Várfok Gallery now faces such a renewal. Crescendo is an opportunity to reassess the past twenty years, and to take a deep breath before the emergence of a new era - the next 20 years.


Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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