franyo aatoth: where did it stick...? January 07, 2008 - February 09, 2008

aatoth franyo lives and works in Paris since 1978. The two letters „a” have been added to his artistic pseudonym after the suggestion of a dear personal friend, Patrick Lév"ecirc;que, who once noted that the easiest was for a painter to come first in art catalogues (which follow the alphabetic order) is to pick the letter „a”!!! By now, aatoth franyó’s works have been exhibited worldwide, from UlanBatar, Tianjin to Chicago. The artist, who perpetually oscillated between West and East, established cultural relations in 1989 between France and the then hermetically isolated Mongolia with the help of UNESCO, but he also created animations for the French TV channel ARTE, and his unique dictionary, a so-cherished delicacy for hedonists, entitled „The dictionary of traveling barflies” is a unique treausure in the ethnography of alcohol consumption, published in multiple editions in Hungary and circulating in several countries abroad ( "Le petit ivre rouge" )

The subtle surfaces, sctarched and layered with a piquant hue of red create a sense of space and time for the minute figures represented in aatoth franyó’s canvases. His surfaces possess the expressive power of ArtBrut, tackling often sordid themes with a playful sense of irony. The short stories that unfold above the red surfaces (Adam and Eve at the Xray screening, Very Happy People, Bad News, Terrorists licking ice-cream), are prophetic re-makes of everyday events. The canvases often depict only one or two figures, and the background is filled with calligraphic signs, that reflect franyó’s affinity to eastern cultures. He fills his paintings with playful, mysterious, texts waiting to be deciphered "– among the exquisite details of the paintings, the viewer deciphers the letters that seem to come to life and follow organic rhythms.


Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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