István Nádler: Pictures 2009 Feketebács October 15, 2009 - November 21, 2009

Great expectations anticipate Várfok Gallery’s next exhibition since István Nádler’s (1938, Visegrád) newest works are to be seen until November 21st in XO Hall. The presented works prove once again how incessantly renewing, versatile and emotionally overheated the 71 year old artist’s joyful painting is. The relation between István Nádler and Várfok Gallery goes far back in the past: the artist exhibited his works for the frist time in Várfok Gallery in 1997 as a solo exhibition. This was followed by eight other solo and several group exhibitions. Last year István Nádler celebrated his 70th birthday. For this occasion exhibitions were inaugurated one after the other in Hungary and abroad as well to salute István Nádler. Besides his solo exhibition in Fellbach (D), an exhibition of great dimension was opened in Ludwig Museum Budapest, presenting works from the past five years. Following Várfok Gallery’s separate stand dedicated to Nádler’s paintings at the Budapest ArtFair, the Gallery’s Várfok and XO Hall were filled with colours by his newest works. Várfok Gallery’s efforts beared fruit finally last year as Nádler’s first solo exhibition in Paris opened in Galerie Keller situated in the downtown of the French capital. The show, highly welcomed, was inaugurated by Loránd Hegyi art historian.
After Nádler’s palette turned into black in 2000, the surface of his paintings transformed into a sort of spiritual space, in which black became the element of a pure spiritual and transcendental existence. After pure spiritualism, his art converted to its opposite, to profane, rediscovering the power of colour. Liberated, swirling gestures are to unfold in the space built up by bright, huge homogeneous colour-zones. Energy and joy radiates from these works. Then from 2008 on, the dimension of gesture and space almost unite in his paintings, as the continuous gestures come along straight through the picture field and almost become such homogeneous colour stripes as the background.
In the newest works presented in Várfok Gallery the union of gesture and space continues but from an other approach. While until now, gesture always appeared as a form building up the picture, it becomes now much more moderated, almost impregnating to space. Also space drops its homogeneous character and transforms to a strongly structurated, densely woven, moving space as the repetitive areas painted by paint roller appear as thick or transparent colour stripes. Thus space gets the form-constitutive role in which gesture appears as an escort tune of a music composition. The other important newness of this present exhibition is the special use of materials. Nádler is lately experimenting with gold and silver paints. He has been preoccupied by the thought of painting with gold for a long time now and it seems that time has come to experiment with it in real. But he doesn’t want to arouse sacral art connotations in the viewer. For him gold is present just as a colour that can make the tones softer and give a sort of rythm to the composition. Matt and bright surfaces alternate, similarly to the „black period”’s paintings, which unfold newer and newer dimensions from the different phases of the artist’s self-indentification and existence.


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