Martin C. Herbst: most már dereng July 02, 2009 - July 25, 2009
From the 2nd July, in Várfok Gallery’s XO Hall Martin C. Herbst’s huge and hypnotic works are to be exhibited.
Martin C. Herbst (1965, Salzburg), one of the Austrian artists of Várfok Gallery, introduced himself in Hungary for the first time in 2007 with a successful solo show. Since, his works - apart from some group exhibitions in Várfok Gallery – could be often seen abroad – e.g. Spain, Germany, Miami – at several exhibitions and art fairs (Scope Basel, Scope Miami).
 The principal theme of Herbst’s works is the human portrait. Huge faces with intense colours, capturing with their mysterious look the viewer’s attention are to be seen on his paintings. His frequent source of inspiration is 16th century Manierism. His portraits - like their 16th century companions - are cold and reserved in their manners - as if they would wear a sort of mask, they do not let the viewer enter their intimate world. Here can be used the theory saying that the portrait is not able to express the model’s inner world, it does only reflect his/her features. This is how Herbst’s works fit in the long tradition of painting,  meanwhile the desire to go beyond the traditional concepts can be felt as well. He often works in series which are built up on very similar variations of one painting. This way he wants to overstep the old fashioned idea putting the unique artpiece on a pedestal and accentuating its priority.
Breaking with traditonal art concepts appears as well in his use of materials: he paints not on canvas but on aluminium. His portraits appearing on different curved objects – sphere, semi-sphere, convex-concav dishes – are also manifestations of this idea.
This next exhibition can be considered as a special one for it presents works made with new technical archievements. Herbst lately experiments with the illumation of his works by coloured lights arriving from behind - due to this the borders of the works expand and the colours are much more intensified. 

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