Reflection November 16, 2004 - December 31, 2004

We would like to announce to our visitors, that thanks to the Kieselbach Gallery, our exhibition is prolonged till 18th of December.
For those who have not seen the exhibition yet, a few words about the conception:
The exhibition entitled Reflection presents the so-called classical modernists along with contemporary painters.
The paintings from the 20th century are from the famous Kieselbach collection: Gyula Batthyány, Aurél Bernáth, Frigyes Frank, Lajos Gulácsy, Zoltán Klie, János Kmetty, Béla Kontuly, Ödön Márffy, László Mednyánszky, Gyula Rudnay.
The contemporary artists are the following ones: Zsuzsi Csiszér, Eszter Csurka, András Dániel, László Györffy, El Kazovszkij, András Király, László feLugossy, Gabriella Nagy, Nikolett Nemes, István Regös, János Szirtes, László Szotyory, Péter Ujházi, Róbert Várady. Their role was to choose a painting from the collection and to reflect on them, meaning to take one motif from the inspiring picture, and according to that, regarding today’s time and their own style create a completely new contemporary reflection.
Reflection, as any work of art is a kind of reflection of an experience. Something, that is inspiring, moving, having an effect on the artist. What if this experience, this starting point is a 20th century Hungarian, modernist painter’s work, an already created reflection, story?
It is art’s consciously or subconsciously assumed role to reflect upon the world/time he/she is born in. Apart from this with the returns and renaissances one also reflects again and again on oneself. Through this circularity, by showing paintings from the last century, we would like to lead our visitors into the world of contemporary art.


Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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