Sándor Rácmolnár: Synchronicity May 28, 2009 - June 27, 2009

Sándor Rácmolnár’s (1960, Miskolc) exhibition to open on 28th May 2009 is going to be a special show: it will be the first time that the two artistic approaches of Rácmolnár can be seen together in one exhibiton hall. There will be presented side by side works which are more “traditional” – paintings – and more “abstract” – that is unique computer prints processing with Rácmolnár’s “self-mythology”.
As one of the characteristic figures of the contemporary Hungarian art scene, Rácmolnár deals from the starts with the ironic-critique parody of visual commonplaces. Using different carrying media is characteristic of his art: we find canvas as well as plastic panel or embroidered textile in his repertoire. In the past years, independently from the medium, appeared on his works the elements of “contemporary folkart” (Bordács), infiltrated in the compositions. Lately Rácmolnár uses “dingbats” to create his pictures. These symbols and ornaments were originally used in typography, but nowadays they are elemental parts of the computer fonts. The expanded “dingbat-kit” shows the most diversified forms; always renewing, it is accessible to everyone. This way appears in Rácmolnár’s art once again an everyday tool, which is mixed with details of pictograms and other elements. 
 The title of the exhibition to open in Várfok Gallery’s XO Hall is quite suggestive and proposes different interpretations. The first meaning of Synchronity refers to the fact that it’s the first time that Rácmolnár’s paintings and prints can be seen in one exhibition hall. The second to the fact that synchronized swimmers can be seen ont the artist’s paintings. Finally: most of the „dingbats” pictures are printed on mirrors. This way, synchronized with the composition of the prints can be seen the reflection of the outside world. The synchronized world evolving in may-june in Várfok Gallery’s XO Hall will give the opportunity to discover different meaning layers and to puzzle out Rácmolnár self-mythology.


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