Zsuzsi Csiszér: Dilemmas November 26, 2009 - January 09, 2010

Zsuzsi Csiszér’s exhibition openings always surprise the visitors with some peculiarities – just as the presented art works. One thing can already be said about these new works: that Csiszér is now alloying quite various genres – could be inside one work too -, that way her paintings, photos and mixed technique works will be shown side by side.
On her 2007 show, women were in the centre of attention as well as last year, being the main topic of her exhibition, but presented in 2008 in a different aspect: Csiszér was analyzing the image of woman appearing in the media and magazines and its effects on the everyday woman – by ripping the surface, letting the spectator take a look behind reality. Painting techniques always appear in Csiszér’s works together with theory, they construct themselves interweaving each other. The motive of „rip” carries different meanings: with this gesture one does rip reality, looks behind something and asks for advice, (literally) breaks with a theme, or in painting takes the direction of transcedence and hope by breaking through constructed reality and geometrical elements. Csiszér does not only provoque by placing deliberately signs of rips on her paintings, but by moving towards on the field of analysing cognition and reality, showing another (more unsettling) side of milieus looking natural at first sight.    
Insomuch, that in her new pictures real visual objects characterisic of consumption society (newspaper articles, photos etc) integrate the space of artistic works due to the collage-technique that she uses. All of the collages - keeping personal relations - carry their unique, brief motto. Our society, says Csiszér, is at the moment going through a sort of consumption crisis: mass-culture impoverishes, fades and has a worse and worse effect on people – even if they don’t want it to happen. Media constantly bombards with advertisements, always forces to bring decisions: the question is not anymore to decide between right and wrong, as there is no more a real possibility to decide. It is a well-known fact, that Hungary’s population does watch a lot of TV, the programme magazines are the ones to be best sold – this just enlightens our everydays in a peculiar way. Magazines and free advertising papers apply consuming-terror, mostly aiming at women, who are at the same time gaining a more and more agressive image in the media. An interesting and impressive realisation of this thought is the TV Bear-headed (a Hungarian animation figure for children) woman, which shows us what a child can see within half a minute watching the evening cartoons. Only a few facts and elements of the seas of thoughts that Csiszér analyses and which she reflects to in her works. The presented works at the exhibition, dissecting dilemmas, keep at the same time the csiszerian charm, humour and mainly picturesqueness, so equilibrating the weight of the art works suggesting serious problems.


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