Zsuzsi Csiszér: Veil Curtain Foil October 16, 2008 - November 22, 2008



’s every cycle and the exhibitions demonstrating them, are phases and steps during the artist’s spiritual journey in search of her personality, that she seems to find in the creative process. After she has defined the substance of ’The Female’ and its meaning in her personal life (They are my Women, Várfok Gallery – XO Hall, 20.11.2007 – 31.12.2007.), now she seeks to trace the formula of ’how’, progressing step by step, using the paintings like frames in a film.

As usual, the basis is the magnified, exagerated potrait, that is covered and concealed in every picture as if there was a fragile, transparent yet firm barrier between reality and the mysterious world of art. The different materials and various textures, the veil, the curtain, the foil of modern age and the huge, dominant glasses are all symbols of female mysticism. They are all to conceal and protect women’s enigmatic soul. With her usual precise realism, Csiszér only depicts pretty young women as dead ornaments, just like posters or leaflets, and responds to the irrealistic world of the media and fashion that use women as sexual objects. In addition, Zsuzsi Csiszér goes even further: she breaks and destroys these beautiful women through the virtually torn, folded pictures – deconstructs the image of woman in the 21st Century.

János Kardos Horváth (Kaukázus Group) will open the exhibition.


Zsuzsi Csiszér




Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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