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22th. February – 25th. February, 2018
Booth: E11 (Halle 2)

We are delighted to announce the Várfok Gallery’s participation at the Art KARLSRUHE 2018 International Art Fair. The fair celebrating its 15th birthday this year, hosts 214 exhibitors from fourteen countries between the 22th and the 25th February, 2018 in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The Várfok Gallery takes place in the second hall (Halle 2) – devoted to classical modern hand in hand with contemporary art -, occupying a 50 sqm stand. The artworks form again a wide range in our selection, as we represent the artists beginning from the emerging, youngest generation, through the internationally acknowledged middle-aged generation, up until such legendary oeuvres of the classical modern, as Françoise Gilot and Endre Rozsda.

At the fair there will be exhibited franyo aatoth’s latest expressive, calligraphic pieces, abstract paintings of the versatile artist and performer, János Szirtes, repetitive, meditative dot-compositions of Károly Keserü, and the vivid, playful, geometrical works of Tamás Jovanovics, marking a new period in his lifework. The very sensitive, aquarelle-like nudes of the last year’s celebrated young female artist, Anna Nemes could have also not be missed out from the selection. In addition to this, one of the founding members of the “European School”, Endre Rozsda’s unique, surreal paintings and graphics from the 1940’s will be displayed. From the lifework of the 96-year-old legendary artist, Françoise Gilot visitors can encounter with the late period’s oil paintings and newer paperworks.

The fair art KARLSRUHE seeks to offer a platform to the introduction and market of the modern and contemporary three-dimensional, spatial artworks from the beginning. Parallel to this mentality the Várfok Gallery, – determined its profile with the vast majority of paintings – displays sculptures at its booth for the first time this year, showing the incomparable, organic systems of a  talented young artist, Tamás Melkovics.


Exhibited artist at art KARLSRUHE 2018:

franyo AATOTH (F/H), Françoise GILOT (F/USA), Tamás JOVANOVICS (H), Károly KESERÜ (H), Tamás MELKOVICS (H), Anna NEMES (H), Endre ROZSDA (F/H), János SZIRTES (H)


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