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The exhibition is open from 20th. July, 2021 - 31st. July, 2021, from Tuesday to Saturday, 11.00 to 18.00

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The opening event of the ”Family Trees” large-scale group exhibition accompanied with a concert takes place in the backyard of the Várfok Gallery, at 14.00 on Saturday, the 17th of July 2021.

Contributors: Katalin Kokas, Dóra Kokas, Hanna Kelemen, Barnabás Kelemen, Gáspár Kelemen

!!! The event can be visited freely, but requires a previous registration on the following website, because of the limited seats: !!!

The Várfok Gallery is contributing to the Festival Academy’s current theme, ‘Family Trees’ with a large-scale group exhibition. The exhibition shows works by prominent artists across a wide age range and focuses on roots, relationships between ancestors and descendants, family bonds, bloodlines and traditions stretching back over past generations.

Paintings by the 100 year old world celebrity artist, Françoise Gilot, feature the intimate bonds within her immediate environment and can be seen alongside the ghost-like family members which are revealed in kaleidoscopic time layers in the works of Endre Rozsda, whose own life was turned upside down after attending Bartók’s concert in 1937. Photographs  by the renowned art photographer, Péter Korniss’,  which trace the lives of different families across several decades are also on show together with the soot-covered paintings of ”children” by János Szirtes.

Four artists represent the younger generation: Anna Nemes’ delicate, watercolour-like figures will be exhibited for the first-time, a singular double portrait is an outstandingly painterly work by Máté Orr, Kata Gaál’s extraordinarily unique collage and montage art and Roland Kazi’s kinetic sculpture complete the eclectic and dynamic works in the exhibition.

Exhibited artists: Kata Gaál, Françoise Gilot, Roland Kazi, Károly Keserü, Péter Korniss, László Mulasics, Anna Nemes, Máté Orr, Endre Rozsda, János Szirtes, Péter Ujházi

The exhibition is part of the official programme of the Festival Academy Budapest.






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