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1012 Budapest, Várfok u. 11.
Thursday, 8th. June, 2023 from 18.30 to 20.30

The exhibition is open from 9th. June, 2023 to 15th. July, 2023, between 11.00 and 18.00 from Tuesday to Saturday.

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The Várfok Gallery is pleased to present the works of the Italian artist, Giulia Dall’Olio, in the Várfok Project Room. Her solo exhibition, ‘Through the Sign’, opening on Thursday, 8th. June, 2023, will be her first in Hungary.

The art of Giulia Dall’Olio [Bologna, 1983] can be defined as the relationship between Man and Nature. In her compositions, created with fine delicacy and richness of detail, the viewer is confronted with an impenetrable, dense mass of forest, which the artist creates from memory with an intense and masterly touch. The realistic depiction of foliage is mixed with abstract details, a duality that takes the viewer away from reality and reveals the material itself, the charcoal.  Giulia Dall’Olio employs this ancient technique, which has a long history in the Arts, with great sensitivity. The subtle surfaces of the charcoal with their darker and lighter tones create an intriguing depth of space.

A powerful idea lies within her work. Although in reality human activity is destroying Nature, it is in the very act of removing the material, of erasing the charcoal, that the artist creates a luxuriant and vital vegetation that reclaims its dominance in the artwork. In Giulia Dall’Olio’s recent work, layers of painted acrylic and embroidery express a desire to create a balanced and intimate relationship between the Man-made and Natural worlds.

Giulia Dall’Olio graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, where she currently lives and works. She exhibits regularly in Italy, Germany and the United States. Her work has been shown in numerous museum exhibitions, most recently in a solo exhibition at the Kunsthalle in Mannheim and can be found in public and private collections around the world, from Canada to China.

This exhibition is brought to Budapest as part of a long established collaboration with the Várfok Gallery’s partner gallery in Regensburg, GALERIE ISABELLE LESMEISTER.


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