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The Hattatt Prize
Várfok Gallery, Budapest (H)
2nd February, 2017

’I am reminded of the words of the English poet, Thomas Gray, which appear in his poem ‘Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard’:
“Full many a flower is born to blush unseen,
And waste its sweetness on the desert air”
And so it is in life.
We admire fine architecture, but give no thought to the foundations that support the building. We enjoy a novel, but are unaware of the process of publishing. A painting moves us, but we give no thought at all to the priming or stretching of the canvas.
In every organisation there are what I should describe as ‘the unsung heroes’, those whose work is essential to the smooth running and success of the company or business but who remain in the background, very often receiving little in the way of notice.
A year ago, in setting up the HATTATT PRIZE, Jane and I felt that we should like to give recognition to those people connected with the Várfok Gallery whose work, whilst valued, does not always come to the notice of the public.
This year we have chosen someone who works tirelessly, as and when required, behind the scenes to ensure in a very practical way that the Várfok Gallery functions in the highly professional manner we all take so much for granted.
For his own professionalism and undoubted skills, it gives us enormous pleasure to present the 2017 HATTATT PRIZE to HELLINGER ZOLTÁN, locksmith.’
Lance Hattatt


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