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Exhibitions Várfok Gallery 2015

István Nádler: Dimensions

Nádler István: Dimenziók Enteriőr 2015)

The exhibition is open from 16.10.2015. until 14.11.2015, from Tuesday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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The Várfok Gallery, one of the first privately founded Hungarian contemporary art galleries, celebrates its 25th Jubilee this year. As one of the focal points in the year-long celebratory programme series, István Nádler’s exhibition also serves as a leading up event for the anniversary exhibition, to be opened on the 30th of November. That is because our former XO Gallery opened its gates with his solo show in 1997 and with its expansion, the current, 300 square meters large space of the Várfok Gallery could be realised in 2010 to conform to international standards.

In the exhibition entitled Dimensions visitors will be introduced to the most current artworks of the Prima Primissima Award-winning painter István Nádler (born in 1938 in Visegrád/H).

With an oeuvre spanning more than five decades, István Nádler’s art is characterised by a constant renewal where the new is always integrated into the already known, coherently fitting into the essence of the creative process. On an intellectual level, it is also a presentation of a certain path of artistic labour, stretching from idea to realisation, visually presented as the contrast as well as the balance between the dual qualities of gesture and space.

Nádler’s newest paintings like those seen in the previous years, depict the shaping capabilities of the spiral motif with its heated impetus expanding spaces into dimensions, bordering and intersecting each other in the form of geometric shapes and force lines. The forerunners of this new space structure could already be detected in 2011, when the examination of spatial position of subatomic particles opened new horizons in the oeuvre.

The current set of artworks, characterised by dynamism and elemental force, captures viewers by their complex structures and their energy-loaded, vibrant colours pitting against the black space. Furthermore, the exhibition is a renewed statement of the exceptional art of István Nádler, a member of the former Iparterv generation and an acclaimed figure of the Hungarian Neoavantgarde.


A joint program with CAFé Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival.



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