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László Győrffy’s exhibition in Mircurea-Ciuc

László Győrffy : Necrospective
Új Kriterion Gallery, Mircurea-Ciuc (RO)
Opening: 18/07/2019

László Győrffy’s exhibition „Necrospective” demonstrates the vitality that follows decay through a post-apocaliptic anthropology, drawing inspiration from traditionally horroristic figures in the typical style of the artist.

“László Győrffy’s activity is unique in the context of contemporary Hungarian fine art in the sense that the boundary-breaking poetry he deliberately identifies with leads a lively conversation with contemporary global tendencies (posthumanism, abject/trash art, etc.) that show unbelievable diversification from a medial/technical perspective, as well. The technical richness of Győrffy’s world built with – one can say – an aspiration for comprehensive artwork (paintings, pieces of plastic art, drawings, etchings, objects, art performances, etc.) and manic consistency cannot be oversimplified into a mere feat of skill, as it is the outcome of his devotion to proliferation, a feature that has become the ars poetica of the artist. The varied sensuality of different media types fracture the world of coherent artistic illusion offering the viewer a heterogeneous experience that aims to totally destroy the feeling of spiritual and bodily comfort in the lab-like exhibition spaces. Those who encounter Győrffy’s art have to abandon the humanist principle of “being at home” in the world. Instead, these pieces of art place the anthropology of defencelessness at the core of human existence, where it is impossible to know under what circumstances, or under the guise of what sort of mutation you have to face your own alienation.”
(Márió Z. Nemes: The Artist’s Brain Needs Eye-Teeth)


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