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Misetics Mátyás: Utópia Enteriőr 2014

The exhibition is open from 22.01.2014. until 22.02.2014, from Tuesday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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The upcoming exhibition of Várfok Gallery supports the headway of photography by presenting the artworks of Mátyás Misetics, a member of the circle of artists of Várfok Gallery, on the exhibition Utopia. Despite his young age, Mátyás Misetics (1982, Budapest) has been for years a determinative figure of the scene of photography in Hungary, the audience could view his photographs numerous times both in Hungary and abroad. His series of 2007, Artificial Light, – which was part of the exhibition Hungarian Photography in the New Millennium in 2013 in the Hungarian National Gallery  – with its staged night scenes and artificial lights, started a new stream in the scene of contemporary  Hungarian photography and its effects can be sensed constantly. Utopia will be the first individual introduction of Mátyás Misetics in the large venue of Várfok Gallery. The exhibition aims to give an overall picture of the works of the artist so fare, starting from his early works of 2005, through his remarkable diploma work of 2007, the Artificial Light, up to the latest series of 2014 entitled Utopia.


Through the works of Mátyás Misetics one can encounter a consciously and organically evolving oeuvre, the defining notions of which are: the darkness of night, staged scenes, figures stiff in a waking sleep, artificial lights and the lustrous street signs shining from the blackness of the pavement.

The specifically wrought and designed compositions, the perfect, precise implementation and the richness of tones all lift his photographs from everyday technologic works to the level of the purest of fine arts. In his latest series the known scenes of urban nights is further developed, inspired by the surrealistically distorted planes and cities created by the virtual and interactive world view algorithm of Google. The shockingly transformed city scene generates a unique context for the figures in it, strengthening a feel of a world of defencelessness, manipulation and the rule of technology.


Supplementing the feel of this world, the less known works of Misetics, showing the enigmatic pictures of natural environments are to be also presented. These works that pose the dominance of nature and are void of concrete human presence, in many cases, however are endured with the hint of the veiled, environment changing effect of it.

From the beginning Misetics is engaged parallel in different traits of arts, and for that on the upcoming exhibition, besides the photo series, other media will also gain space (video- and sound installation), picturing his determinative ambition of crossing the borderlines of the art of photography.  It is a curiosum that a singular atmospheric audio* will be created for the venue, which reflects on Misetics’s MOME Ph.D. research showing an exciting example of the interaction of the visual and audio contents present in the exhibition space. The exhibition thus turns into an entirely complex visual and acoustic experience, which raises numerous questions on human and space, tables of signs and environment, as well as the liaison of self-defining.

*The audio will be downloadable for free in the form of an extended single for the ones, who are interested in the art/genre of noise, ambient or experimental music.



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