The Link
56x76 cm
gouache on paper
Private Collection

’The Link’ (1984) represents both a subtle and lyrical work by Gilot where the interlocking forms of a small and a large stone become the main motif of the composition. The actual scale of the stones, appearing in front of the blue horizon, is a mystery. Without any point of reference, they could be huge rocks or even tiny pebbles broken into splinters. Whatever, their shapes and sizes, depicted from a lower perspective, seem monumental and, when seen in relation to each other, are clearly suggestive of masculine and feminine. Intertwined as positive and negative links, their cohesion is reinforced by the thread that wraps around and through them, like an artery, thus strengthening their organic unity. These dual qualities are also reflected in the use of colour whereby Gilot builds the composition from the contrasting cool-warm tones of blue and pink, creating subtle, translucent layers of colour. In the context of the current exhibition, the work is intended to symbolise the unbreakable and strong bond between Gilot and Rozsda, their eternal friendship.