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Garden of Delights

About the works

For almost 20 years Martin C. Herbst’s art has been and still is defined by portraits brilliantly painted on metal surfaces. Their hypnotic, yet coolly distant beauty and optical tricks evoke the mannerist portrait painting of the XVI. century. Behind the distortion of Herbst’s convex and concave surfaces lies the detailed and constant research of the artist. Also, by repainting his subjects again and again, he transfigures them continuously and highlights different components of the subject’s personality by using different colours and surface effects. As a result, many of his figures embody complex mythological references and art historical provenances.  Martin C. Herbst’s solo exhibitions are opening in many parts of the world, one after the other. His work has been shown in some of the most prestigious art fairs throughout the world and also in significant collections and private museums.


Martin C. HERBST
1965, Salzburg (A)



1984 – 89
Painting Department – Hochschule Mozarteum, Salzburg (A)

Solo Exhibitions

Essence – Várfok Gallery, Budapest (H)

FOCUS AUGUST – Le Royer, Montreal (CAN)
Hidden Treasures – Zemack Gallery, Tel-Aviv (IL)

positions – BEGE Galerien, Ulm (D)

Merten van Wenen – Wanrooij Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)
Wunderkammer – Várfok Gallery, Budapest (H)

take my eyes – Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto (CAN)
afterimage – Juan Ruiz Gallery, Miami (USA)

Der Schöne Schein – GPL contemporary, Wien (A)
Wahre Illusion – Fischerplatzgalerie, Ulm (G)
Martin C. Herbst – Boloix Fine Arts, Idaho (USA)

strange days, Jacob Karpio Gallery, San José (CR)
About the Existence and Appearance of the Word – Várfok Gallery, Budapest (H)

metamorphosis – Mark Hachem Gallery, Beirut (LBR)
Precious – Mark Hachem Gallery, Paris (FR)

Traces – Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto (CAN)
garden of delights – Fischerplatzgalerei, Ulm (D)
me1tamorphosen – T-40 Galerie, Düsseldorf (D)

Now it is Dying – Várfok Gallery – Várfok Hall, Budapest (H)
Ariodante – Mike Weiss Gallery, New York (USA)

Judith 4. – Karpio Gallery, San José (CR)

Das Archiv der Blicke – Fischerplatzgalerie, Ulm (D)
The Present of the Memory – Várfok Gallery – XO Hall, Budapest, (H)
speculum-spectaculum (catalogue) – MITO, Barcelona (E)
Inspired (by) – Leonhard Ruethmueller Contemporary, Basel (S)

Pontormo – Rudolf Budja Gallery / Artmosphere, Graz (A)

Rudolf Budja Galerie / Artmosphere, Salzburg (A)
angelus – Rudolf Budja Galerie / Artmosphere, Wien (A)
angelus und pomona – Rudolf Budja Galerie / Artmosphere, Salzburg (A)

Faces – Surfaces (- Helmut Grill), Artmosphere, Wien (A)

Artmosphere Graz – ORF (‚Die lange Nacht der Museen‘) (A)
Ein farbiger Blick in das Gesicht der Seele – Artmosphere, Graz (A)

Selected Group Exhibitions

ANTOHER DREAM – Zemack Gallery, Tel-Aviv (IL)
THE POWER OF THE PORTRAIT – Christian Marx Galerie, Düsseldorf (D)

summer show 2018 – Zemack Gallery, Tel-Aviv (IL)
Black – Várfok Gallery, Budapest (H)
The Art of Portrait – Boloix Fine Arts, Ketchum (USA)
Metall 3 – Porfzheim Galerie, Pforzheim (D)

A cup of Sugar – Exhibit A Gallery, Corning, New York (USA)
Einfach GroßBARTig – Bege Galerien, Ulm (D)

Eleven years – Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts, Binghamton (USA)

opening Amsterdam 2014 – Wanrooij Gallery, Amszterdam (NL)
30 Jahre Fischerplatzgalerie – Fischerplatzgalerie, Ulm (D)

Winter Solstice Painting Extravaganza – Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto (CAN)
Body Variances, Five European Sculptors – CAP-Exhibition Space, Kuwait (KWT)
GrauRand – KunstPalais, Liechtenstein (LIE)
Diving Lines – Várfok Gallery, Budapest (H)
Mark Hachem Gallery – Beirut, Libanon (LIB)

Beyond Bling, The artist as Jeweler – Claire Oliver Gallery, New York (USA)
Die Jagd nach dem Zeitgenössischen – GPL Contemporary, Wien (A)
schwarzweiß weißschwarz – Fischerplatzgalerie, Ulm (D)
Christopher Cutts Gallery – Toronto (CAN)
In Attraction of Contrasts – REÖK Palace, Szeged (H)

Figurative Kunst aus Österreich – Die Galerie, Frankfurt am Main (D)
Bakers Dozen – Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto (CAN)
TWENTY – FIVE – Fabian & Claude Walter Galerie, Zürich (S)
T-40, Düsseldorf (D)
Sommer-ARTigkeiten – Fischerplatzgalerie Ulm (D)
Jacob Karpio Who – Jacob Karpio Galeria, San José (CR)
No borders – Appeal to heaven – Dvořák Sec Contemporary, Prague (CZ)
Epilogue – Mark Hachem. Beirut (LIB)

Crescendo – Várfok Gallery, Budapest (H)
Life as a Legend – Marilyn Monroe, MOCA – Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville (USA)
neue und etablierte Positionen – GPL Contemporary, Wien (A)

Scope New York 09 – Mike Weiss Gallery, New York (USA)
news+selection 5. anniversary – T-40 Galerie, Düsseldorf (D)
Chicago Art Fair – Mike Weiss Gallery, New York (USA)
Scope Basel 09 – Fabian&Claude Walter Galerie Zürich, Basel (S)
Scope Basel 09 – Jacob Karpio Galeria, San José (CR); Basel (S)
25th Gallery anniversary Fischerplatzgalerie, Ulm (D)
Scope Miami 09 – Mike Weiss Gallery, New York; Miami (USA)

Budapest ArtFair – Várfok Gallery, Budapest (H)
Mis en abyme – Várfok Gallery – XO Hall, Budapest (H)
Art Madrid – MITO, Barcelona (E)
Art Karlsruhe – Fischerplatzgalerie (D)
Scope N.Y. – Mike Weiss Gallery (USA)
Art Brussels – Jacob Karpio Galeria, San José (CR); Brussels (B)
Scope Basel – Jacob Karpio Galeria, San José (CR); Basel (S)
Art Karlsruhe (a Fischerplatzgalerie-vel), Karlsruhe (D)
SPUR projects – Portola Valley, (USA)
Ganz schön ART-ig: LECKERBISSEN III – Fischerplatzgalerie, Ulm (D)
summer jam – T-40 Galerie, Düsseldorf (D)
Balelatina Basel – Jacob Karpio Galeria, San José (CR); Basel (S)
Scope Basel – Fabian&Claude Walter Galerie Zürich; Basel (S)

Works in Collections

Art Center Hugo Voeten, Herentals (B)
ESKFF (Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation), Jersey City (USA)
Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art, Istanbul (TR)
Abdhi Ibrahim Collection, Istanbul (TR)
FF (Füsun & Faruk Eczacibasi) collection Istanbul (TR)
Celebrity Art Collection, Miami (USA)
Marc LeBaron collection, Lincoln (USA)