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Two Exhibitions of Péter Korniss in Bucharest

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Exhibitions of Péter Korniss in Bucharest
Bucharest Fine Arts Museum, 21/03/2018-07/05/2018
Hungarian Institute of Bucharest, 21/03/2018-10/04/2018

Two exhibitions of Péter Korniss will be opened in the Romanian capital, Bucharest during this week within the framework of the collaboration between the Balassi Institute of Bucharest and the Várfok Gallery.

The exhibition entitled Continuing Memories which will be on view between 23rd of March and 7th of May in the Muzeul Naţional de Artă al României in Bucharest will present Korniss’ oeuvre from a new perspective. The artist’s emblematic photographs will appear as parts of a series of individual narratives from his early photographs made in the ‘60s and ‘70s in little Romanian, Slovakian and Hungarian villages, to the latest photographs of The Women of Sic. The images that are embedded in the stories show a completely personal side of Korniss’ lifework in addition to underlining the consistent endeavour and conscientious work that have been integral to Korniss’ career for fifty years.

An additional show presenting Korniss’s selected vintage photographs capturing the traditional peasant world from the 1960s and 70s will be on display in the exhibition halls of the Balassi Institute – Hungarian Institute of Bucharest. This exhibition can be visited between 21st of March and 10th of April.

We would like to thank the Hungarian National Gallery and especially Violetta Mitter graphic designer for their generous cooperation in the realization of the exhibitions of Korniss Péter organized at the Institutul Maghiar din București and at the National Museum of Art of Romania.


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